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Notes for tutorials in 2001 for SD206,

an Open University course

Prof. Dave Curtis

Background and Technical Information

Revision tips for resit students Revision Support for 2002 If you are taking the resit exams in October 2002, some study materials are being placed in a set of pages for you to work through. In addition, you might find it helpful to work through the tutorial materials listed in the table below. However, it's probably not a good idea to just try to repeat the course by yourself - it would be far better to just switch straight into "revison mode" and 
start preparing now for the exam (April 2002).

A collection of documents relating to the tutorials held in Glasgow Caledonian University, Moray House in Edinburgh and University of Paisley.  Also included is a summary of points from the exam discussion session at the York Summer School in weeks 2 and 3.
The main aim of these sessions is to consider students' interests and difficulties with items in the course books around the times of the tutorials. Accordingly, there is no fixed program of tutorial topics, but some indication of possible themes, together with scheduled dates are listed in this table:-

Possible topics
To refer to notes
17 Feb Glasgow  Introductory: course principles; Book 1 concepts
Look at notes
24 Feb Edinburgh  Introductory: course principles; Book 1 concepts 
Look at notes
17 March Glasgow  Evolution; experimental design; preview of Book 2
Look at notes
21 April Glasgow  Neurophysiology (Book 2)
Look at notes
26 May Paisley  Senses, especially vision with computer materials (Books 2,3) 
Look at notes
23 June Edinburgh  Senses and pain (Book 3); preview Book 4 
Look at notes
30 June Glasgow  More sensory 'stuff'; pain (Book 3); preview Book 4 
Look at notes 5
July/August York SUMMER SCHOOL Exam. Session Exam. Notes
8 September Glasgow  Topics from Books 5,6; initial revision for exam
Look at notes 6
29 September Edinburgh  Revision & exam. preparation
Look at notes
6 October Glasgow  Revision & exam. preparation
Look at notes


The original information included contact details for students, which was private to them.

A Farewell Message:
2001 is the last year of presentation of BBB. I've been teaching this topic now for nearly 30 years, during which time the course has evolved from its earliest version entitled Biological Bases of Behaviour, to its final form with a title reflecting changes in emphasis Biology, Brain & Behaviour. I am very grateful to all the colleagues I've worked with over these years - you know who you are. At the time of writing this, we've just had our last face-to-face tutorial. So, I'd like to use this space to say a big "Thank you", not only to the students who have made this such a good year of enjoyable teaching, but to all students who have allowed me the privilege of teaching and learning with them -  in tutorials, summer schools, and through those (not always favourable!) comments on TMAs - as well as via this web site.

I can be contacted at [LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE since course ended].

Good luck,
Prof Dave Curtis, February - October 2001, April 2002
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